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Welcome to shellconning

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Young ambitions Non-stop walking, shellconning 2021 will be here~

TIME: 2021-01-09         click:      
Secony 2021 event is here~

January 24-January 25, 2021

The old comrades of Saikoni "young girls" gathered in Enping, Jiangmen, to spend the annual meeting together.

"Life needs work to make ends meet, but also activities to provide motivation." And the annual meeting is a photo of an event to charge the "boys\girls"! ! !

During the day and night spent in the hometown of overseas Chinese, we played games together, shared food together, enjoyed wine, sang and danced together. Open your heart, talk to each other about all the small collisions in 2020 and share all the joys, and dissolve the barriers between them.

Next, let me take everyone to recall the bits and pieces of this annual meeting~


  Set off

At 8:00 a.m. on January 24, 2021, the "boys\girls" assembled from Saikoni towards Enping.

There was a tour guide on the bus who introduced us to the history of Jiangmen and learned about the humanities and history of Jiangmen.

Around 11:40, we arrived at Quanlin Golden Town in Enping. A sumptuous meal drove away the fatigue of a few hours' drive.

After lunch, we carried out company development activities on the basketball court together. Organized by the event instructor, we played several team games. First of all, 60 people in our company were divided into 4 teams, and then each team was named Salted Fish Team, Lightning Team, Wolverine Team and Shenniu Team, and each team set its own slogan and team song.

It can be seen that each team has its own personal style.

After the teams are divided and the teams have displayed, it is the interactive part of the game. We have played 3 games in total. Below, the show has started~

?The first one is the group of dragons taking water: teamwork is required to allow people to get the water from a distance to their own area within the white line. This is a technical job~ but it won’t be difficult for our friends at Cyconi!

?The second one is to travel thousands of miles of beads. The team worked together to transport 5 beads with different ends into the box through the solitaire method. You need one person to command the team and all the team members to cooperate in an orderly manner!
?The third is Passion 99: It requires tacit cooperation between players, speed and cooperation are indispensable!


At around 14:30, the game has come to an end, and the feelings and relationships between the friends have also become better after this event!

The spirit of everyone is very good! ! !

Go back to the hotel and assign the room card. It is time for us to arrange our own time before the 18:00 dinner. Taking into account that you can’t soak in the hot springs after drinking, and just after the exercise, the friends are already sweating profusely, so we went to the hot springs after the game to experience and enjoy the hot springs in the hometown of overseas Chinese; some friends went back directly I went to the hotel to rest and waited until the dinner began; there were also friends who went to experience a wild off-road vehicle and go-karting.

Of course, it’s a blessing to be able to soak in the hot springs in winter~~

Soaked in various health pools, and after washing in the bathing room of the hot spring, gathered with other friends at the hotel restaurant at 18:00 on time, eating snacks and waiting for the start of the dinner.


At around 18:25, Mr. Zhang and Mr. He came to the stage to make a conclusion, summarize the year 2020, and throw out the ideals for 2021. Farewell to 2020, the dinner party to welcome 2021 has officially begun! image


With the sumptuous dishes of 8 dishes and one soup and the singing and dancing of friends, this dinner is destined to not be quiet!

Sure enough, the other friends were infected by such a joyous atmosphere, and they all sang on the stage, completely letting themselves go.

The banquet is not only about eating and drinking, but also the highlight—pictures, pictures, and pictures of prizes and draws! ! ! !

Excellent staff~

Of course, small partners who have made great contributions to the company can receive a good prize. This is also to encourage the small partners to also need to work harder! !
Next is the lucky draw!

See who the lucky ones are~

The dinner party was full of joy, and the friends were too high, turning the dinner party into a KTV picture successfully

My friends are so happy to have fun! However, due to time constraints, the venue had to be cleared. Mr. Zhang and Mr. He felt the enthusiasm and high spirits, and they also organized the next event with pride-going to KTV to continue high! ! ! Picture picture picture

The friends vented all their physical energy on KTV, and they were all tired in the end. The first day of the annual meeting ended with KTV. The little friends are exhausted, and took the bus back to the hotel to wash and rest... In a quiet night, the tired little friends soon fell asleep.

On the morning of the 25th, we will meet at 10 o’clock after breakfast at the hotel. The last stop-Na Jingu

I spent more than an hour in Najingu, and experienced boat cruises, seeing small animals, and the environment of Najingu.

Say no more, just upload the photo~
The photos of Jingu Tour~
This year is the extraordinary year of 2020, the year 2021 that has passed many difficulties and ushered in. I hope that in 2021, Saikoni will continue to break through all the difficulties, not be afraid of challenges, and move forward without stopping~~ Picture picture picture

If you have any ideas, for example, you want to learn about our company's products, or consult with Xeikoni for recruitment positions, etc...

You can follow or leave a message~

Free consultation

  • Ministry of Foreign Trade: QQ
  • Domestic department: QQ
  • 020-82018301(Domestic sales)
  • 020-82119007(foreign trade)
  • 020-32371990
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